Tuesday, March 15, 2016

So, I'm NOT trying to shut down my blog, because that's not cool and I love my little blog. I get a lot of hits on my little IKEA makeovers and I totally plan on updating this bad boy when we buy a house in the [hopefully] near future. Truth is, I'm a busy bee. I opened my Etsy shop last summer and it's actually doing well [woo hoo], I'm a Momma to a 2.5 year old GIRL [need I say more?] and I'm a Navy wife [again, need I say more?]. I want to blog so badly, but it's like... I can't find the time to blog with strong content! :( Sooo, I've found that the easiest thing for me is to update my Instagram on the daily. It's a quick and easy way to share what I've got going on. So if you're interested in seeing some decor, or little projects, or what I've got coming out in my shop, then FOLLOW ME RIGHT >>HERE<< :) And of course, follow the link to my Etsy shop in the tabs section above and you can really see what I've been up to! xo

Minimalist and Budget-Friendly Halloween Decor

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I love to decorate just a couple spots around the apartment for each holiday. I don't believe in breaking the bank over holiday decor, because quite honestly, it's only out for a few weeks. I'm kind of obsessed with Target's OneSpot, where you can find all those awesome $1 and $3 goodies. And I also love finding items at the Dollar Tree.

This year I went hardcore at Target [everything you see in this photo is from there with the exception of the electric fireplace--Lowe's, frame--Hobby Lobby, and the glass bottle--Dollar Tree]. The lamp and mirror are staple pieces and the rest of the decor switches out depending on the season. I just pack everything up in a plastic bin or use those awesome plastic zip up bags that comforters and sheets come in, and everything is protected and put away until it's needed. You can find the Hocus Pocus printable in my Etsy shop here.

I'm frigging so in love with my IKEA table and chairs.  It's all we really need right now for the two of us. Anna has her high chair and her little IKEA LATT she sits at to the left of this table. Because the table is pretty small, this sweet little wire pumpkin from the Target OneSpot worked out quite nicely. I HATE having to move a bunch of crap off the table to sit down and eat. I'm just not a believer in a ton of shit on your dining room table. Of course, larger tables need larger centerpieces, but keeping it simple and easy to move is always best in my opinion.

I really want Anna to be excited about holidays, so I use her IKEA kitchen to do the decorating. This kitchen is now in her room, and she loves her ever changing decor! I'm glad the skeleton doesn't scare her at night. ;] Her decor is a mixture of the Target OneSpot and the Dollar Tree. The Heidi Swapp 'A' is a staple. I found that at Target and it's actually one that lights up and you stick the little LED bulbs through and it's battery operated. I didn't feel like doing all that, and I picked it up for $3 anyway, so I just use the cardboard 'A' that it came with and trace it out on scrapbook paper and switch out the paper to match the decor for each holiday or season. The Trick or Treat print is also available for download in my Etsy shop here

I haven't been keeping up with decorating our chalkboard. Oops. But, I did want to share how easy it is to create a simple garland to throw on there to give it some color. This is the same garland used in the the above photo of the play kitchen. I just bought a colored pack of card stock, and punched out the decorative circles with this Martha Stewart punch that you see below. I set my sewing machine to a simple, straight stitch and just passed the paper through one by one, leaving space between each one, and boom--garland. Super easy. Super cheap. And I totally suck at using sewing machines so this says a lot about how simple this is. ;] Hope you enjoy, and can find some super budget-friendly decor for your holiday displays!

DIY Gender Reveal Box

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I wanted nothing more than to make my friend Melissa happy when it came to her gender reveal party. She is a fellow Navy wife, who just like me, is far away from her family while stationed in Upstate NY. She had the opportunity to get her immediate family up here for a gender reveal party for her second child, so I really wanted to make this special for her and her family! 

Our friend Mary took over the food and did an AMAZING job. And my job was to make 'the reveal box' which is a big deal, because that is where all the picture memories are coming from! Waaahh! I totally wanted it to be perfect, and I think we came preeetttttyy close to it! ;]

Before I tell you how I made the box, I want to talk balloons... I was able to squeeze 12 balloons in to this box, thanks to the nice man who inflated them at Price Chopper. They needed some help popping out after the first one, but I wanted nice full balloons for the photos, so I'm glad we shoved the damn things in there. Don't waste your money on those expensive weights! I wrapped [and taped] the strings around an unopened water bottle and it worked perfectly! And to keep the box closed: tape--lots of it. When you're going big with the balloons, there's a lot pushing UP--so tape.

I used two large boxes from Lowe's and I built both of them and basically sat one inside the other so that it made what appeared to be one tall box. You could totally buy a wardrobe box for this, but I couldn't find any individual ones on the time crunch I was on. They were all in packs of three or so, and they are pricey. It would honestly be the easiest option, but this worked too. Because the boxes had a ton of tacky writing on them, I just wrapped them with Scotch brown paper that I grabbed at AC Moore. I just lightly hot glued it down so there were no tape marks.

There are a TON of gender reveal boxes on Pinterest but I wanted to design my own. It was important to Melissa to incorporate the 'voting' area on the bottom and she wanted a chalkboard type look to one entire side. I have to be honest, I was TERRIFIED to actually paint the brown paper with chalkboard paint because I just envisioned this total ripple fest happening and then I would've cried...

I came across these vinyl peel and stick 'wallies' [again from AC Moore. Y'all know that's my hot spot because of the coupons AND military discount]. I purchased three chalkboard wallies and laid them horizontally across one of the thinner sides of the box and they worked perfectly! They are seriously the perfect size. I took a piece of white chalk and rolled it all around to 'prep' the vinyl so it looked more like a used chalkboard.

I came up with a design and went through the fonts I have on my computer. All the fonts are by Kimberly Geswein except the 'sister' font you can buy here. All KG fonts are free to download for personal use ONLY. [I pay for all my fonts because I use them in my Etsy shop too]. I just printed each word about the size of a 8.5x11 sheet. Used some Scotch blue tape to position and not ruin the vinyl, and then I traced nice and hard with a pen around each letter. 

Next, I went over what I traced with these chalk markers. I highly recommend the chalk markers because there's no messing up your design. I believe I purchased them at Hobby Lobby but you can get them from Amazon as well. It takes a few times to fill in all the little spaces with the markers, so just be patient if you go this route. Really let it dry before you start filling in more. And remember, it will photograph nicely even if it's not perfect! You can tell in this picture below I was still filling in that e on second 'little.' Once I finished it, it blended right in.

I then found some graphics that were okay to use for personal projects and I traced them using the same method as I did for the words. I decided not to fill them in because I wanted them to stand out and not lose the detail in the bow.

I used the same font as the 'little' for the 'boy' and 'girl' and just hand drew the border around where guests can cast their vote!

It looked GREAT and the best part was, my friend Melissa and her family were SUPER happy! 
It's a girl! Woo hoo!!

Melissa just text me this! She peeled the vinyl off and tacked it to her wall [since some of the brown paper stuck to the back] and added the frame I made her as well! How awesome is that? :]

 Hope this inspires you if you're looking to create a gender reveal box of your own!

Happy Fall Y'all!!

It's my FAVORITE time of the year! Happy Fall! I've added this print to my shop as a digital download. It's only $3.00 for basically any size you want. I create the PDF file, send it to you, and you can print off at home or at an office supply store. You can find it at the Etsy shop link above.

Aside from the amazing, cool weather and the gorgeous other favorite thing about Fall is the sunsets. We have the BEST view from our apartment. THIS was the sunset two nights ago. Breathtaking!!

Fall Printable!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's [almost] the most wonderful and colorful time of the year here in upstate New York! Woo hoo! With Fall just around the corner, I added a couple $3.00 instant downloads to my shop! Below is one that is sitting on my mantle! I plan to add more seasonal downloads in the upcoming weeks. 

I highly recommend using Epson Premium Matte Presentation Paper if you are printing at home. Paper makes such a HUGE difference in the quality of your prints. Follow the directions on the package because you can only print on ONE side of the paper--the other side that is more of a cream color can literally ruin your printer if printed on. Or another option is, you can totally take the PDF file to Staples or any office supply store that prints for you! It's totally affordable and you know you will get a quality print. :]

You can find what I have so far of the seasonal downloads here.