Accent Table and Simple Details

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I SWEAR I didn't fall off the face of the daughter and I are visiting my parents in Florida so I have been spending some quality time with them and not so much with my blog. However, I am working on a project at their house! My daughter and I have to share a room when we come here to visit since the other spare room is my Mom's it's been my mission to marry the two areas together so that it is a cozy and functional space for the both of us.

I haven't finished enough to take many photos yet, but I have one area I will share with you! I just love the simple details and the pop of yellow the arrangement brings. I wish I could take the mirrored jewelry box and the mirrors back home with me!!

accent table // floral arrangement and vase [jacked from my mom's office] // starburst mirrors // mirrored jewelry box [50% off IN store] 

Dining Table Makeover

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So, I have this thing for IKEA. I'm not really into modern decor, but they do have some decor that can totally work either way, and I am honestly obsessed with some of their baby toys because they are just plain cute and inexpensive. Anywho, we bought this dining table [and four chairs] when we moved up to NY because we needed something that would work in our small apartment. I had all intentions of doing soooomething to it, but it wound up sitting there for about 5 months, and I just recently got my hands on it! Here's a looksie at the before and after!
table // chairs // centerpiece // can't forget the baby car
I'm going to be honest, this wasn't the most fun project I have ever done. My lovely husband was a huge help in sanding the top of the table and getting the damn thing down the steps and into the garage so I could stain it.

I used Minwax Polyshades for the stain [Bombay Mahogany]. That stuff is so weird. It goes on like a really sticky thick paint. Definitely don't go cheap on a brush for that stuff. I have never worked with anything aside from chalk paint before so that was interesting. But the table survived. Phew!

For the base of the table I used trusty Annie Sloan chalk paint [Old White]. Beyond in LOVE with chalk paint. I used about 3.75 oz to complete the table. And then of course I did a generous coat of Annie Sloan Wax since this bad boy will be getting the beat down from my daughter who loves to rearrange the chairs! Pretty excited that this table has a completely different look now and fits with the style we have going in our home! 

Anna's Toddler Room

This project has been my 'pride and joy' for the past few weeks, and I'm SO happy with the results! I really wanted to give my daughter and updated space with 'cozy' being my overall theme. I started out with the navy trellis pattern curtains. We have the same in our bedroom, and I love them, so I decided Anna would have them in her room too. I wanted the colors: navy, mint, coral, and gold. I did a lot of chalk painting, head scratching and shopping [on a budget of course] to put this room together that she could enjoy for a while! Here are some collage photos of her room. Isn't it just so cozy?! Way better than the baby pink and friggin butterflies that were all over the walls before! Details listed below photos as well as links to shop items! Hope you enjoy!

[ps: I am by no means a good photographer, so I do the best I can with the pictures I take]
DaVinci porter crib // coral pillow // throw blanket // humidifier
printable freebie [personal use only] // canvas print, gold frame, apothecary jar & potpourri, and 'A' [sprayed gold] all from TJ Maxx // owl lantern  // shelves 
dresser was my Nana's and is painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint (Scandinavian Pink/Barcelona Orange) // lamp & shade // glass jars // clock is from Cracker Barrel
'A' printable freebie [personal use only] // clock is vintage // antlers are from TJ Maxx // plank art with heart from Target // gold dot garland [two in photo] // anywhere chair // canvas banners here & here // burlap pendant shade // cord cover // mirror found on consignment [I know, best find ever] // side table Paint de la Mar chalk paint [Casa Marina] // navy trellis curtains from Kohls // shelf from vinyl rain gutters 
wreath from shop in Ga [attached head band for some color] //
My Daddy is my Hero print