Buffet Table Makeover

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I'm so excited because I completed a piece for my Mom first client! I think your first client for anything is always a family member... still counts though, right?! :] This buffet table belonged to her parents and she grew up with this brown hunk of wood in their house in the Bronx. Mom and I saw the potential in this piece a long time ago, and now that I chalk paint furniture, we could finally bring some life to it! 
Excuse the crappy phone pic. I just got too excited to bust out my camera :]
I used Paint de la Mar chalk paint in the color Conch Chowder and Fiddes & Sons Wax Polish. We decided to keep the top of the piece natural to add that 'country chic' look. I am in LOVE with the details on the doors of this table. My mom still has to figure out what she wants to put behind the doors, maybe some sort of chicken wire or glass.

It's pretty neat how painting an old piece can bring it back to life and change the decor in your home. I'm eager to try making my own chalk paint soon in order to save some money because it can be a bit pricey. It's all about quality for me, so I won't settle until I find the perfect recipe. [Which I see there are plenty floating around the internet].

Give chalk painting a try! A little bit really goes a long way, and it's incredibly easy to do! You can paint inside, no harmful odors are emitted. And no prep necessary! Finding the right brush is important. Shops that sell chalk paint often sell brushes, however, they are pricey and I prefer a short handle brush--you can find those at Lowe's for $10-$15. Depending on your piece, you may want different size brushes to help with the very detailed areas. Just make sure your furniture is good and clean, and you are ready to get started. 

Just know, wax is extremely necessary because that is how you seal and protect your piece. You can apply with a wax brush or an old t-shirt [Be sure not to cut the shirt. You don't want fuzzies everywhere]. The wax does have a little odor as you apply, so I suggest wearing a mask. Once you close the lid, there shouldn't be any odor on your furniture. Happy painting! :]
Mom put this little arrangement together. I really like it and thought I'd share! 

Update: February 2015 - Distressed! 

Mom and I kept staring at this piece and envisioning it distressed...so I made that happen! Woo, it sure was a lot of work because the piece sat for two weeks before we made this decision. The wax was very strong [which says a lot for the wax] so I took a Motrin to help with my back pain. HA! Since I am all about experimenting and learning as I go, I want to try distressing a piece prior to waxing. I used a coarse sand paper for this piece, and I believe I would want to use a medium if the piece didn't already have wax on it. 

A fellow DIY lover also told me about 'wet distress' which you can find by clicking here. It's pretty interesting and seems really easy. Hope you all love the new look. I sure do! :] 

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