DIY Chalkboard & Fun Ways to Document with it

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I meant to post this on Thursday and that was an epic fail, so my bad...

Here's my late contribution to 'Throwback Thursday.' I got pretty crafty when I was pregnant in 2013 because I was on bed rest[ish] and had lots of free time on my hands. I decided that I wanted to document my prego bump for my friends and family and started to search ways of doing so. I came across this pin from Jessica Garvin [whom I LOVE] and decided I too wanted to create a chalkboard and take photos with it [almost every week]. If you know who she is, then you know how crafty she is with chalkboard art. I totally googled her boards all the time to help inspire mine. I'm not good when it comes to figuring out what kind of lettering and such to mix and use on the boards, and hers totally helped me. Thanks girl! Pinterest, of course, was also my bff in this situation.

I did just what Jessica Garvin did and came across a totally affordable painting at a consignment shop. It had the exact frame I wanted for my board. Unfortunately the painting wasn't backed with wood that I could just paint over, so I had to figure out a solution for putting something lightweight into the frame that I could cover with the chalkboard paint. I went to Lowe's--and used one of those electric carts to get around, because remember, I was on bed rest[ish]--and found that the large sheets of the dry erase boards were super light and the back side was perfect for painting with the chalkboard paint. We had the nice man cut it to size, I painted it with a few coats of the chalkboard paint and it was ready to go. I had my dad use these really tiny nails to secure the board into the frame. He hammered them in on an angle around the inside of the frame and it worked out great.
I wasn't lying..this is my cart from that very day.
At the time, I wasn't even aware of chalk paint [which would've been good for the frame--how sad for me]. So I just used some white semi gloss paint that my parents had used for their crown molding and quite honestly, it worked just fine. And this is what I wound up with...
 So then I started to do things like this with it...and I still do. Well, minus the prego boards. Eek! NOT trying to do that right now. It's totally a fun way to decorate for the holidays and document milestones and such. My husband always complains that I don't use it for writing a grocery list. Um... that's boring! Maybe now I can inspire you to create a board and use it to document things that are important to you! :]

*As far as chalk goes, I use regular white chalk [Crayola is always best] as well as Crayola sidewalk chalk for the colors. When it comes to details and such, I use a q-tip to shape the letters. I have also used the chalk markers and those are great for more swirly fonts and are way less of a mess. They are a little harder to get off so don't freak out. For cleaning off the board, a damp paper towel or washcloth has never done me wrong. Don't be afraid to clean your board with water. If you need to, you can always touch up your board with another layer of the chalkboard paint. Just make sure to give it plenty of time to dry!

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