Shared Room

Sunday, February 8, 2015

When we go visit my parents in Florida, we have to share a room with our daughter. My goal in making over this room was just to make the best use of the space, and of course do my best to marry the two areas together. My mom had already purchased the precious toddler bed and queen bed, and had those in place, so that was a good start. She had also already purchased the cute cream colored accent table [which you can see in the last set of photos]. 

I decided to run to Target in hopes that I would find something that would inspire me. I purchased a few things. I came across an awesome twig wreath in that $1/$3 section...the best section of Target... EVER. I knew I wanted to incorporate some antlers that my parents had around the house [my Dad hunts...sorry Bambi]. The skull was kind of trippin' me out so I yanked a flower out of a little arrangement we found, fixed it with hot glue, and poof--there started this 'rustic-like' and colorful room! 

I don't really have a method to my madness. I just hold a little idea in my head of what 'theme' I want to bring to a room and then use a piece [could be something small or a piece of furniture] to inspire me and then just go from there! 

Don't be afraid to purchase items and return them! You don't know how something is going to look until you get that piece into the room. Always save your receipts in a safe place and don't cut the tags off an item until you are totally sure that you LOVE it. I let the pillows sit on the bed for few days with tags until I know that they truly work for the space I'm putting together! :) 
DaVinci Toddler Bed // IKEA dresser [see this post for DIY...I'm in LOVE with this piece]
Wising You Peace [$1.99 card from Target in a 5x7 frame] // Wreath [Target $1/$3 section] // Mirror [jacked from my Mom] // Heart printable made by me // A Monogram [Tuesday Morning] 
Shelf // Lamp & shade // Flying pig [Ross] // Ceramic figure // Owl [Walmart spray painted] // Frame [random Target find gold] // Printable [free for personal use] // Flower in glass jar TJ Maxx
Quilt from Pottery Barn [discontinued] // Jersey ruffle pillow & Blue pillows // IKEA bed frame 
The 'Mom and Dad' side still isn't totally complete. We still need to find something to put above the bed, but for now, we are super happy with the way it all turned out. You really need to click on the IKEA bed link, because it is SUCH a steal right now at less than $150 if you are an IKEA Family Member [free to join on their website or in store].

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