Vintage Cabinet Makeover!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wahh! This was a fun one for me! Like I've said before, my Mom is ready to turn her 'all brown everything' into a more colorful and inviting house! Not sure how my Dad came across this piece, but it was used as a Warden's radio cabinet--pretty cool! So thankful they trust my skills and allowed me to paint this vintage piece!
I'm learning so much by doing, it's great! I'm hoping to keep building my portfolio and start painting pieces for clients once the spring hits in NY.

I came across Heirloom Traditions Paint because my friend Krista sent me a message with their website attached. She's a fellow DIY lover and I thank her so much for sharing with me! This company offers a shit ton 50 DIFFERENT COLORS OF CHALK PAINT. Don't even get me started on their Dark Umber Wax. NO odor--zero, and simply amazing for creating that antique look! They offer multiple wax finishes and you can order online as well. They are a new company, check them out.
From the bottom right, the color I used is four colors in.
Prior to adding the Dark Umber Wax
After the Dark Umber Wax. My Mom didn't want this piece to be perfect and I really like the way it came out! The details on the cabinet doors are beautiful! I actually waxed this with a brush rather than a cloth like I normally would because my Mom wanted it to have a different look.

And a few days later...

Now that I'm not so much of a chicken anymore and I tackled distressing the buffet table, I decided to take this guy outside too and show him who's boss! I think it looks more finished now with some distressing and Mom is happy with a more 'beat up' look. Nothing major, kind of hard to appreciate in photos, but you get the idea. I'm getting the hang of this. The more practice, the better! Thanks for letting me experiment on your furniture, Mom! :]

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