Anna's First Birthday

Saturday, March 7, 2015

In honor of my little nugget officially turning one and a half today, I decided to share some photos from her first birthday party! I can't believe it was six months ago! It was suuuper simple, nothing fancy. Just about twelve of us enjoying watching this little momma crawl around in her amazing tutu.

I was SO stressed out that day because about a week before her birthday, I found out the bakery that I had ordered her cupcakes through, actually had to SHUT DOWN due to the renovations that were going on in the hotel they were attached to. Downtown problems...anyway, I got my money back and decided that I would Pinterest some simple vanilla cupcakes and buttercream icing and that I was going to tackle the baking on my own. I did a trial run, and somehow the stars aligned and all came out great. Phew!

The main thing is that we had fun and I have some photos to share with her when she is older! Not a whole lot you can do for a first birthday. Some people take it waaaay over the top and have photo booths and props, and everything is decorated to the nines, but honestly, at that time Anna could only last a few hours before she was totally over it and we had JUST moved up to NY so I kept the decor to a minimum. I think with her turning two this year, we can definitely incorporate a couple games or something that goes with her theme. I have no idea what that will be. Hopefully she can choose :]

tutu // felt crown // 'one' iron on vinyl 
These garlands are SUPER simple and fun to make! Just find your favorite card stock colors, punch them our cut them out [I suggest punching them out. I use the Martha Stewart ones] and carefully slip them one by one through your sewing machine! Make the garland as long or as short as you want and use whatever color thread you want! They hold up really well and are super lightweight!

To decorate the table a bit, I used those Martha Stewart craft punches in the shape of a heart and just punched out some card stock in the colors I wanted. I also used the same punch as well as round one to punch out some amazing gold and glittery card stock [that doesn't shed] that I found at Michael's to make a simple decoration for the cupcakes. To make the banner, I used that same glitter card stock, cut it out in the shapes I wanted, hole punched both top ends with a single punch and strung pink ribbon through.

The baking angel was on my shoulder that day because I managed to make these treats [minus the macaroons]. It was fun, but this year, I'll hire someone! [Banner made by me with this amazing glitter paper from Michaels that does NOT shed]
I somehow managed to swirl this homemade icing on myself. I have no idea what came over me that day--anyone who knows me, knows I'm not super handy in the kitchen. 
I made the 'one' banner with card stock, ribbon, a single whole punch, and adhesive letters. I cut out the pink card stock in the shape that I wanted and hole punched both top corners to string the ribbon through. I couldn't find gold letters in the font I wanted, so I traced some adhesive letters on the glittery gold card stock and then just hot glued them on to the banner! 

She totally refused to smash the cake! Boo!
At least two of us were looking :]

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