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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Update May 2015

The ever changing play nook has a new addition! Read about how I transformed the boring magnetic dry erase board here. :]

Here's how it all started....

I'm SO happy that Anna's play nook is finally complete! We live in a two bedroom apartment and thankfully have this nook right off of our dining room/computer area.  When you look at this photo, our dining room is to the right and the computer area is where it took this photo from. She is almost 19 months now, so this play nook was a MUST HAVE and I'm very thankful for this random space!

I linked previous posts for the kitchen and play table makeovers below so that you can get that info if you are interested in taking on any projects yourself. Honestly, the hardest scariest thing was getting that map into that frame! And the easiest thing was going to a carpet store in town and having them take a scrap piece of rug to create a custom area rug to fit right into her space [we have laminate floors and I didn't want her to be on the chilly floor in the winter time]. 

This map is amazing and I'm obsessed with it because it is so accurate and adorable. The link in the caption below will take you right to it. It's actually one for those fabric peel and stick maps that goes directly on the wall, but I knew it would get ruined in a heartbeat so we decided to frame it behind glass. Which I think will pay off in the long run because we will be able to take a dry erase marker to it when she is old enough. The only issue is, this map is 24in x 38in and pretty much... you can't find a frame that size. So we went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a 24in x 36in frame and a white foam-like board, had the nice man cut it to 24in x 36in, and also had him attach the hardware and wire to the back of the frame because I was afraid we would somehow ruin it.

It was a tad terrifying trying to get the map onto the board since we knew we would have to leave a couple of inches off the edges and fold them behind the board for it to fit in the frame. Looking back, we should've just got a bigger board, stuck the damn thing on there and then had it cut. But, that's okay, you live and your learn. Just so you know, the map really does peel and stick because we took a few tries to get it perfect and it came off okay. The company that we got the map from sends you a big squeegee and that made it a lot easier to apply the map once we actually got it perfectly placed. We squeezed that bad boy in, and now it is safe. I must admit though, because it was within Anna's reach at one point, we did manage to get some food on it. Oops! I think it's one of those things only we can notice ;]

US Map

The post for the IKEA DUKTIG kitchen makeover can be found here.

The post for the IKEA LATT play table makeover can be found here.

banner // shade // pendant cord // tea set 

Anna is SUPER happy to have this space. It was a miracle I even got these photos. This play area NEVER looks like this. It shouldn't look like this. It's always covered in toys like you see below [which this is actually a not-so-messy day], and that's the way we like it :]

Update April 2015

 I'm super excited to have finally added some organization for Anna's crayons, markers, colored pencils, and paint brushes! This was a mega budget-friendly addition. I already had the cafe rod, which is seriously like $5 at Target. Then I found these awesome tin pails in TheOneSpot section, and they came in a two pack for $3! The BEST part is, they have these 'hooks' on the back and as soon as I picked them up I envisioned them on a rod above my daughter's play table.... so here it is! I had to lightly pinch the hooks to fit snug on the rod. It's great because I can remove the tin pails when I am not watching her like a total hawk because the last thing I want is crayon or marker all over our apartment walls! ;]

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