Saturday, March 21, 2015

Here's another one for all you IKEA addicts out there...a super simple and budget friendly DUKTIG play kitchen makeover! I had an interesting experience with this one because I made my own chalk paint and kind of totally jacked up the recipe and then was able to fix it. Yikes! Considering the madness, I am beyond thrilled with the way it came out!

There are approximately one million different chalk paint recipes online. I have been super 'anti-make my own chalk paint' until I got real cheap on this one and I also couldn't find the exact color that I needed from Annie Sloan. I was not about to buy three different colors to get ONE. Sooo, I went to Lowe's and purchased a sample size of Valspar Sweet Mint [it was like $3.00 and exactly one cup/half pint]. THIS is the recipe you want to use. I've been told the link is being weird so if that doesn't work try THIS. 

[The struggle was REAL for me, people. I screw up all the time so don't look at things on my blog and think what I do is one shot and it's awesome, because that isn't real life...]
- Here is where I epically failed: I used too much plaster and I did not use hot water. 
- Here is what I got: super clumpy paint that I had to constantly add water to. BUT, it did work. I don't recommend my route because it was a hot damn mess. 
- Lesson learned: a little plaster goes a long way, and hot water is your friend. Once I made it through the chaos, I sealed it with Annie Sloan wax, and I must say, the paint is real strong and I will totally do it again, except the correct way this time. 

I did not go all hardcore pimpin' out this kitchen because it's going to be played with like crazy [and already is]. There are also approximately one million different makeovers on Pinterest for this project, many of which are incredibly badass and include crazy colors, custom counter top, and spray painting the hardware or changing it out--but, I wanted this to be simple and inexpensive. Also, the thought of spray painting plastic kind of makes me want to die and it also freaked me out that my child would be playing with spray painted things. Nothing against people doing that, I just couldn't deal...

I totally jacked the 'backsplash' idea from a makeover I saw on Pinterest. I bought a foam board from the craft store and had my husband help me draw subway tiles with a gray sharpie, because Lord knows I can't draw straight lines on my own...

- We found that the horizontal lines had to each be two inches wide, for a total of six rows
- Then we drew vertical lines every four inches down every other row
- Finally, we went into the empty rows and just drew a vertical line for the center of every existing tile above and below it. 
[Gah, I hope that's not too confusing. I was too 'in the moment' to take photos of that process]
- To secure, I just did little circles of hot glue in each corner and now it's officially installed!

DUKTIG utensil set // Melissa and Doug and pans set // Mason Jar salt and pepper shakers [similar]

This is a fun way to decorate for each holiday, Anna's got some Easter decor going on right now. :]
Mini Easter tree [Target: TheOneSpot section] // galvanized pot // glass jar // 'A' [AC Moore]

SKUBB Storage box set // DUKTIG play food here and here

oven tap light [similar]

Hope you enjoyed this simple, budget-friendly play kitchen makeover! I know my little one sure has :]


  1. The link to your chalk recipe is broken, can you point me to a good one ? Thank you !

    1. See if this link works for you. :) I was able to pull it up. You don't even actually need to click on the pin, recipe is on the photo :)


  2. Did you sand or prime or wash the surfaces first? Or just the mint chalk paint? Thank you

  3. No priming or sanding for the chalk paint! Just made sure the surface was clean and painted away! :)

  4. Hi Denise are you able to give me the chalk recipe please as I can't find it or get the link to work. I'd love to do this for my little boy for Christmas this year and your kitchen looks fantastic. Thank you. Kerry x

    1. Hi Kerry! :)

      Try this link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/243898136046468600/

    2. If that doesn't work, try the more direct link: http://www.clumsycrafter.com/2012/08/how-to-make-chalk-paint/