IKEA LÄTT Makeover

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If you've read my IKEA posts before, you know how obsessed I am [and if you came to my apt you would know too] mainly because a lot of their furniture is: wood, super affordable, a blank slate, and comes in a million pieces with directions that just have photos, and I for some reason really enjoy that shit. You feel pretty bad ass when you are done putting furniture together...well, at least I do. 

I was reeeealllly excited to come across this LÄTT table for $20. Yep. The whole thing. Real wood awesomeness. I decided the original look was less than exciting, so here's what I created! I'm very happy with the way it came out and it really was NOT a difficult project. Scroll past the finished photos and I'll tell ya exactly what I did to achieve this look! 

Simple Steps to Achieve this Look

Okay, so here's the stock photo and what your set will look like once you remove it from the box:


* Pre-stain wood conditioner [I used Minwax in the half pint] 
* Stain of your choice [I used Minwax Provincial in the half pint can]
* A cloth for conditioning and a cloth for staining [an old wash cloth works or they sell them at Lowes in a two pack
* Foam sheets [I used 1" Project foam 2 pack from Walmart]
* Fabric of your choice [Girl Charlee has an awesome selection. This fabric that I had was left over from an old project. Unfortunately I didn't see this exact one on their site]
* hot glue gun & fabric scissors
* Your LÄTT set, of course [comes with everything you need to assemble it]

Conditioning and Staining:

If you plan on staining or even painting, do NOT put the set together just yet. Stain or paint the pieces individually, and allow them a couple of days to dry. It'll just be easier to get into the little corners and such.

I didn't take any photos of me applying the conditioner or the stain because that's pretty simple, and honestly, I can barely handle remembering to take photos of the steps! [Sad but true] I did not find sanding these pieces prior to staining necessary. Up to you if you want to sand first. 

Just follow the directions on the cans and you are golden, swear. The conditioner is mega important because it allows the stain to cover evenly and not look blotchy, so don't skip that part. Do all the stinky staining in your garage first and let that dry for a couple of days before you put anything together. If not, it will be sticky and you may get stain on the cushions when you go to put them into the chair.

I chose not to use any sort of seal. I bought some polyurethane but I don't find it necessary, and I had this vision that it would somehow ruin my hard work by bubbling or something and I would wind up on the garage floor crying! Ha, yes. So again, totally your call! 


I did take take photos of the cushions because this part isn't necessarily tricky, it's just one of those things that HAS to be done a certain way or you won't be able to put your cushion into the chair. You want to cut the foam to actually fit within the notched areas of the seat board. I just laid my board on the foam and used the edges of the board to draw my lines with a sharpie and with a couple of cuts the foam will fit right within that notched area. Just hot glue the foam on and you are good to go!

I then laid them face down on the fabric that was also face down and cut accordingly to make sure I had enough to over lap on the bottom. The SUPER important part here, are the corners. You want to make sure you pull nice and tight on the fabric in the corners because those notches are your key to your seat being assembled properly. I made sure to pull tight on all sides. It was easy with this fabric because it is a jersey knit. I used hot glue to secure the fabric because I just found it to be easiest that way. 

I then sprayed each cushion with two coats of Scotchgard, because let's be honest, my child is going to get something on them and I probably will too! ;]


IKEA gives the best directions ever. [Here they are] Directions with no words rock in my opinion. Just a couple of things that will change for each chair due to adding the fabric on your seat cushion:

*The only thing I have not done yet is add a sheet of plexiglas to fit over the table top to protect the extreme white of it. Once I do that, I will come back and update this post. I already bought the 18x24 sheet from Lowe's, I just need to have them cut it down to 17 3/8 x 23 3/8 and then I need to add little notches so that should be fun! 

UPDATE: I had the plexiglas cut at Lowe's in the dimensions I listed above and I just sanded the corners to round them some with a medium sanding block and I was able to fit it on just fine. It's not perfect, but it certainly serves the purpose of protecting the table top from any crayons or paint!

Can't wait for my little one to enjoy her new play table. Leave a comment if you have any questions! :]

PS: Here's why you'll want plexiglas! A magic eraser easily gets it off and then clean the streaks with your household cleaner [I use JR Watkins].


  1. Looks amazing!! How much fabric do I need for this project? Thanks!!

    1. I had ordered over a yard of that fabric because I had other intentions for it originally and I had quite a bit left over after making the cushions. I'd say it's always safe to have more so that way you have room for error or another fun project :)

    2. and thank you for your kind words :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to try this out. I love the fabric on Girl Charlee now, too.

  3. I'm so glad I found your project! Our 1 year old is getting the Latt for Christmas- it will live in our living room. I was thrilled with the price but not so much with the look, and I am totally going to do this!

  4. This is beautiful. I just bought all of my supplies and begin this project today! :)