Simple and Delicious Chicken Parmesan

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I wanted to share tonight's chicken parmesan dinner because it was SO delicious and SO simple. Even though you may not be able to get your hands on the exact sauce, because honestly, sauce is a huge part in this dish tasting so yummy, I'll share what to look for when purchasing canned sauce from your grocery store! Not that you need much of a recipe for this sort of thing--I think it's just all about how you fry your chicken and what sauce you use. Obviously it's going to be different for everyone depending on how much you want to make so I'll share with you what I did!

Here's What You'll Need 

* Boneless/skinless chicken breasts [I found ones that were already sliced thin so I had four total. I go for organic/all natural chicken]
* Seasoned bread crumbs
* 1 egg
* Splash of milk
* 1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce [I used Dominick's which is made locally here in upstate NY. Top shelf is always best. The less ingredients the better. It truly makes a difference. Don't go cheap on sauce]
* 2 cups mozzarella cheese [I always buy the larger package so I'm not limited]
* Oil for frying
* Linguine [I used whole grain]
* Dried parsley for garnish

Here's What You'll Do

* Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees
* Using a 9×13 baking dish and spread a thin layer of sauce and put it aside
* Mix the egg and milk in a shallow glass bowl
* Pour the bread crumbs into a dish

* Pour about 1/4 inch deep of oil into the frying pan. [Once the oil is hot, dip the chicken into the egg and then coat it with the bread crumbs. I used a spoon to help get bread crumbs onto the top of the chicken].
* Brown the chicken in the frying pan, just a couple of mins on each side, not worrying if they are cooked all the way since they will be baked as well.

* Once they are ready, transfer them to the baking dish, put some sauce on top of each piece of chicken, cover the baking fish with foil. For the thickness of my chicken I set a timer and let them bake for 15 minutes. [If you buy regular thick breasts, you definitely want to cut them and pound them prior to breading them so they are thinner and will cook much faster].

* Once the timer goes off, add the cheese to the top of the chicken and continue baking uncovered until the cheese is nice and melted, about 10-15 more minutes.

* While the cheese is melting in the oven, get your large pot of water ready, and once the chicken has about 8 minutes left in the oven, boil your pasta. Make sure not to break your pasta. It will make its way into the pot as it starts to cook!

* Once everything is set, drain the pasta and remove the chicken from the oven. Put the pasta in a shallow bowl. I took some sauce from the baking dish and put it on the pasta. Then I placed a chicken breast on top and garnished with dried parsley. And that's it! A super easy and yummy meal for your family to enjoy! 

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