Ahhh We Played Outside!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I feel like I have no room to complain considering I spent an entire MONTH of this horrible winter in Florida...but cold sticking around this long sucks! Today was a good day because it was 40 DEGREES which feels SO warm [I never thought that when we lived in Florida] and it actually wasn't windy! That's a huge complaint I have about living up here. The temperature may be okay, but the wind can be HORRIBLE and the last thing I want is Anna out in that wind. Total bummer.

So we took advantage of this time and went to the neighborhood park for the first time. We've had the chance to play in the snow, but never at the park because it's pretty much been buried since Anna started walking well. I love this adorable shot I got of her! She was a little weirded out about climbing up the steps with me and she wanted nothing to do with the slides, but hopefully soon enough.

Patagonia jacket [totally love it]

The slushy snow that's left was incredibly interesting to her. 
Then she sat in it and realized why we have been avoiding it ;]

 Today was actually her first time in a swing. We didn't try the swing in the Fall because I didn't think she would like it quite yet. I figured when I put her in today she would be all smiles, super happy and never want to stop...whoomp whoomp. This was the look I got. The BEST uncomfortable look EVER. The fake half smile and clinging on for dear life says it all. We are going to try again because this child HAS to love to swing!

Apparently the high is going to be around 60 tomorrow. If that is the case, we are totally heading to the State Park! I can't wait for flowers to start blooming! I've never actually seen a 'real Spring' before so stay tuned for plenty of photos of us playing outside! 

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