DIY Makeup Storage Bins

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sorry it's been quite a few days since I've blogged. My husband is working nights this week and it's been beautiful out, so Anna and I have been enjoying some outside time and other than that I haven't had too much time to myself! But, I did take advantage of nap time today and came up with a super budget-friendly and suuuper simple DIY for storing makeup in an adorable way! 

I've been searching Pinterest up and down for ideas but didn't really see anything that worked for me. My make up is in our guest bathroom--which is also the bathroom Anna and I share because our master one is SO small and I have way too much shit. Because I need to get to things quickly and easily, my makeup is on open shelves which is out for anyone to see when use our bathroom. It was quite embarrassing how I had everything kind of thrown in there in random bins and food storage containers...yikes... so I decided it was time to fix that problemo and do it in a super inexpensive way! This is what I came up with and I think they turned out super cute!

 I took a trip to the trusty Dollar Tree and local craft store for this one. I picked up some white, plastic drawer organizers of various sizes [keeping in mind my small makeup collection] and somehow bought the perfect number of little bins. Then I picked up some mod podge. This was my FIRST time using it--OBSESSED. I also grabbed some beautiful decorative tape to spice up these boring bins.

First, I removed the UPC sticker and cleaned off any scuff marks with a magic eraser. I measure the amount of the skinny tape I would need for around the lip of the bin. This tape honestly wasn't sticky at all, so you totally rely on the mod podge for adhering it to the bin. 

Next, I took a little brush and applied the mod podge, got my tape in place and then went over it with mod podge. Be sure to pay attention to the corner where the tape ends meet and to press out any bumps in the tape.

And then you get this! Please don't mind the paint all over my table, that's from another project I have to share...oops! ;]

I found for applying the thicker tape around the center, that I needed to cut it into sections because it wasn't going around the corners without lifting. Lay the tape down to make sure you have the length you need.

Be sure not to go past the corner because the tape will go upward and then it won't look right.

Apply the first piece the same way as you did the skinny tape, and really get a lot of mod podge on those corners. Then cut your three other sides and keep on applying. Be sure to go over all four sides with mod podge as well. 

Then go ahead and fill with your favorite products! I also found this glass container at the Dollar Tree and these plastic vase fillers at the craft store, so now my brushes have a happy home too!

This isn't the greatest photo because of the bathroom lighting, but doesn't that look so organized now?! Amen, I'm no longer embarrassed! And this is great because I just take each bin down as I need it. Hope this helps if you are looking for some simple and budget-friendly ways to organize your products!

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