DIY Mod Podge Picture Frame

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This is SUCH an easy and fun project for you to take on! And it is super budget-friendly! The BEST investment I made for this project was the MOD PODGE roller, which was only $5.99 at AC Moore [but I got it for $2.54 with a 50% off coupon]. Here it is above linked to Amazon, but it is almost $9.00! 

Here's What You'll Need

* Any frame that doesn't have decorative accents or curves to it--surface must be flat for best results [mine is 4 x 6]
* MOD PODGE [I used the glossy one for this]
* Sponge brush
* A sanding block
* Roller kit
* X-ACTO knife
* Your favorite scrapbook paper that is larger than the frame

First, apply a generous amount of MP with your sponge brush. [If your frame needs it, first start out by sanding the edges and smoothing it out all around with a fine grit sanding block]. Really get some on the edges both inside and out. Without wasting any time [because it will dry quickly on a porous wood surface] lay the paper on the frame so that the paper lines up with one of the edges of the frame. Start rolling away to help the paper adhere and avoid any bubbles. I do NOT apply MP to the paper itself [some people apply to the surface and the paper] because I think that is just a recipe for a bubble fest disaster. Be sure to pay attention to the edges when you are rolling. Go over the entire frame a few times with your roller and then flip over and let it dry for about 10-15 minutes. 

Once it's dry, flip over and grab your sanding block. This part is very important. Your goal is to sand off the excess paper by essentially creating a perforated edge. You must sand DOWN. You don't want to give your paper any reason to lift. Use small, firm strokes across the entire edge. You will need to go over each edge a few times until the paper starts to separate or you can easily pull it apart. Once you are done, it will look like the photo to the far right. Go over your edges again by sanding down a few times until you get the desired look and there aren't any little paper fuzzies left.

Then, take your X-ACTO knife and just cut a large rectangle in the center of the frame, leaving about and inch or two of paper around the inside edge. Repeat the same process as you did on the outside edges by sanding DOWN. Sorry for the weird pic on the far left, but I had to use my right hand to take the photo! I just wanted you to see how much paper is left on the inside ;]

Again, create that almost perforated type of edge and gently pull off. You will probably have some weird areas like in the far right photo, especially around the inside corners. Just keep sanding those and pull the fuzzies off. Takes a little more work, but you will get them off!

Nice, clean edges are important! Make sure to wipe away the dust from sanding!

NO bubbles! Woo hoo--that roller is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! To seal your project, take your sponge brush and apply the MP over the paper. I also applied the MP on the wood edges, paying special attention to the areas right up against the edges of both the inside and outside of the frame.

I think this frame turned out super cute! The best part is, you can use ANY scrapbook paper you want! Now I just need to get some replacement glass and fill with a photo and my project will be totally complete. Hope you have fun with this :]

I love how Anna is photo-bombing in the reflection of the clock!

Here's the file for the printable. Just click to open and then right click to download. It's meant to be in a 4x6 frame. Be sure to adjust the paper size for your printer and then cut a piece of card stock to fit. For personal use only.

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