DIY Mouse Pad

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I know this isn't the most amazing DIY ever, but I really wanted a glam mouse pad for my desk area that I am about to give a makeover, and I thought I'd share! I plan on painting my desk with Annie Sloan's Napoleonic Blue. I thought gold and bright pink accents would make for a fun, inspiring space for me to sit and write my blog posts. Kind of crazy because I normally live off of earthy type tones, but I figured why the hell not?! :]

Here's What You'll Need

* Old mouse pad
* Thick card stock larger than your mouse pad [you can use fabric as well]
* Mod Podge & roller set
* Paint brush or foam brush
* Heavy book or object larger than mouse pad
* Scissors 
* Pen or pencil 

I grabbed this super cheap mouse pad from Wal-Mart. We've been using the computer mouse without a pad, and it's sure taken a toll on our desk. Oops! I picked up a fun piece of thick card stock from the craft store. This isn't one of those rough glittery sheets that sheds everywhere [I HATE that]. I did see a little tiny bit of glitter shed, but once you seal it with Mod Podge [MP] then you are good to go. In the past, the BEST gold glittery card stock I found was at Michael's and it came in an individual plastic wrap.

Lay the mouse pad down on the back of the card stock and carefully trace. Make sure you lay the mouse pad down as you would on your desk, so it doesn't slip when you are tracing. I had to use small strokes when tracing because it's just a flimsy material and I wanted to make sure the traced area wasn't going to wind up being smaller than the top of the mouse pad. 

Next, cut out with your scissors and fit over top and make sure you are happy with the coverage. Two of my corners weren't perfect, but hey, it's a DIY!

Apply that MP like there's no tomorrow! I used foam brush and really tried to concentrate on the edges. If you notice, in the time it took to snap this picture, it was absorbing some spots really quickly. So I added a little more until I felt comfortable with the coverage.

Lay your card stock on and roll away. Really focus on the edges.

Flip over and roll on the back as well.

I noticed minimal curling with mine. The thinner the paper, the more curl you will get. So, just to be safe I found one of my daughter's books that is larger than the mouse pad. I placed the book on top of the mouse pad and then my iMac on top of the book! [The reason I chose a larger book is because I didn't want the computer to leave any dents in the mouse pad] Nice and heavy, and will be sure to help the paper adhere and stay nice and flat.

Give it a good 20 minutes or so under your heavy object and then apply a layer of MP over the top to seal your mouse pad so that you don't get any little glitter pieces flying away. Also be sure to apply around the sides just to further seal the edges. [Let it dry overnight before using]. If you are using a fabric, use the time you are sealing the outside edges to take care of any of the little pieces of fabric that may unravel from cutting. 

The good thing with a project this simple, is you can always go back and add more MP under any corners or edges if you need to and seal again if you wish. And there ya go--a glammed up piece of decor for your desk space!

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