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Friday, April 10, 2015

I updated this as my About Me section [finally] but I thought I'd share this little sneak into our life as a post as well! :]

My name is Denise Keegan. I'm a Navy wife, Momma, former elementary teacher, lover of projects and inspiring others in any way that I can. Our life has been pretty crazy from the start but I couldn't feel more blessed for the the life the Navy has given us and I always try to make the best of every wild situation we wind up in. Here's the short and sweet version of our lives...

We met in a bar in November 2009. I was 22 and a teacher [he didn't believe me]. He was 21 and a Sailor [I believed him]. I gave him my phone number and the rest is history... I knew he was 'my guy' when he never made me stop laughing...

A couple deployments and some years later, we got engaged in July 2011. He proposed to me by putting the ring on our dog's collar. I didn't see it until I was brushing my teeth and I spit toothpaste all over. Yep, super romantic.
Jenn Hopkins Photography

We got married in July 2012 at the most beautiful golf course in Florida. It really was the perfect day. Danny almost didn't make it home for our huge wedding. He had to be brought home early from deployment and then leave a few days after we got married to go back. It was chaotic, and I was a hot mess, but it all worked out!
Jenn Hopkins Photography

Once he got home, we were able to honeymoon in Hawaii. It was a life changing experience we will never ever forget. We still talk about it and want to move there when we are older.

While he was gone on a very short deployment in January 2013, I found out I was pregnant! I knew from the very beginning he wouldn't be here for her birth but I soon learned that was the least of my worries...

In March 2013 I had to have a pretty crazy surgery [due to my incompetent cervix] to ensure that I could stay pregnant as long as possible. [If you want any info on my high risk pregnancy, please email me. I may do a post about it]. Danny, my Mom and I went to NJ for the procedure. It was successful! Unfortunately I had to quit my teaching job, stay on super light duty and get progesterone shots in my ass over the course of 19 weeks! Danny was home until week 32 of my pregnancy and then left on a 5 month deployment. This is the amazing doctor that I like to say 'saved our daughter...'

Our little Anna Banana was born just shy of a month early in September 2013. I had to have a c-section due to the surgery I had. It was a little scary when she was first born because it took a little jump starting to get her going. She wound up being just fine. My parents and her Godparents were by my side that day. I was able to send this photo to my husband so he could see her... Anna is the absolute light of our lives. She totally drives us crazy sometimes, because she is a spaz just like me. We love her dearly and are incredibly grateful for our little munch!

I'm BEYOND thankful that we were able to live with my parents the entire time Danny was deployed. I seriously don't know what I would do without these two because I was an emotional mess! They helped me make it through the first few months of zombie mode.

In December 2013, when Anna was almost 4 months old and it was just 5 days before Christmas, she met her Daddy for the first time. THIS is my favorite picture to this day...
Holly Perry Photography

Daddy only had to leave once more before Anna turned one. It was great to know that when he returned this time, he was home FOR GOOD. 

We were able to celebrate her birthday together and we are now on shore duty in New York! It's been amazing to build memories as a family, but it's also been hard for me to leave everything and everyone I have grown close to in Florida. 

We are just living life one day at a time.. savoring all the moments we can together. Not sure what the future holds for Danny's military career, but I wouldn't change ANYTHING...countless deployments, him being away for her birth...nothing. It's not always rainbows and sunshine, but everything happens for a reason and things work out as they should. I am a stronger person and our relationship is stronger because of all we have been through. :]

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