Simple and Delicious Eggplant Parmesan

Friday, April 10, 2015

I know I just posted my chicken parmesan recipe last weekend, but I figured I'd share my eggplant parmesan as well just so there is another option if you don't eat meat or poultry. I pretty much make it the exact same way as the chicken, same ingredients and all, so the posts will be similar. To be honest, this is the first time I have actually made eggplant parmesan. I grew up watching my mom make it. Now of course, she made her own sauce and all, but I'm limited on time because as I am cooking I have child trying to break into my kitchen! I'm normally not an eggplant fan but this came out really good so I thought I'd share! Maybe this can be your Italian Sunday dinner ;]

Here's What You'll Need

* 1 eggplant [plenty for two people]
* Seasoned bread crumbs
* 1 egg
* Splash of milk
* 1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce [I used Dominick's which is made locally here in upstate NY. Top shelf is always best. The less ingredients the better. It truly makes a difference. Don't go cheap on sauce]
* Package of shredded mozzarella cheese
* Oil for frying
* Linguine [I used whole grain]
* Dried parsley for garnish

Here's What You'll Do

* Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees
* Using a 9×13 baking dish and spread a thin layer of sauce and put it aside
* Mix the egg and milk in a bowl and then pour some bread crumbs in a bowl You can always add more. I start out with a smaller amount so I don't waste anything. 

* Pour about 1/4 inch deep of oil into the frying pan. Once the oil was hot, I cut the skin off the eggplant just by cutting down longways with a knife and then sliced it to get circular shapes. You can cut the other way if you want larger pieces and you can also cut them thinner than I did. 

*Next, I dip the eggplant into the egg and then coat it with the bread crumbs. I tried to make it quick. I noticed the longer the eggplant was exposed to the air, it started to change.

* Depending on how thick your eggplant is, will determine how long you will fry them. I just go with the 'golden brown' rule because I know they will be going into the oven as well.

* As they are done, drain off the excess oil on a paper towel. I had to cook in batches because I had a lot of pieces.

* Place them in the baking dish that already had some sauce on the bottom.

* Spoon some more sauce on each piece of eggplant and add as much or as little mozzarella as you want. More is always best :] I wound up adding more when they were in the oven. 

* Bake at 350 degrees until your cheese is nice and melted and the sauce has bubbled a bit. You can even put the oven on a low broil at the end if you want to get that golden brown look to your cheese. 

* Garnish with dried parsley and serve over your favorite pasta, and enjoy! Super simple and delish. Our daughter even had some. Woo hoo!  

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