My Simple Spring Decor

Saturday, April 11, 2015

I love to change out the decor on the little mantle of our electric fireplace...I can't wait to have a real one someday when we own a house. I also can't wait until I become a person who buys fresh flowers for Spring... but I'm just not there yet. For now I often move things from around the house or just find items for a really decent price and then store them until it's that time of year. The lamp is always out and the vintage typewriter stays out most of the year except for Christmas. I found the mini floral arrangement and wooden bunny at TJ Maxx both for under $8 each. The bird clock I found at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store [this is normally in my daughter's room].

I'm so obsessed with this typewriter. I have a 'no touch' rule! I'm thankful my Dad let me 'steal' it from him!

Updated 4/26 since I made this super cute frame and printable!

This console table sits behind our couch and I am always changing and rearranging what is on it. I switch out what is inside the glass jar depending on the time of year. I picked up these plants and the pots from IKEA. I am in love with that store and how inexpensive these plants and pots are! It's great to have artificial plants because they never die...Ha! I am the queen of killing plants, it sucks! These bring some nice color for Spring. The photos on the table stay with the exception of Christmas then everything totally goes haywire in this house.
plant // pot // glass jar // lantern // plant // pot 

I like to decorate our chalkboard with a simple quote or drawing depending on the holiday or time of year. I made this chalkboard. You can read how I made it here. Bunnies just say 'Spring' to me even though Easter has passed. The bunnies will probably be replaced with flowers or a 'Springy' garland next month.

These shelves sit above our TV. We have yet to get that damn thing on the wall but that is a whole other story...I recently added the IKEA plants, pots and watering can to add some color. These are inexpensive items that I can store if I don't have a spot for them or I can easily move them somewhere else in the house if I am trying to decorate for a specific holiday. I always try to just move things around if I get bored with my decor that way it prevents me from spending money! The biggest thing I did when redecorating our daughter's room, was use things I already had and just arranged them in a different way to create a new look.

This book is meaningful to us because it represents the legacy that my husband's cousin left behind. I urge you to check it out if you are looking for an inspiring read...

vase // book // plant // pot

K // plant // watering can

Of course I can't skip doing a little bit of decorating in Anna's play nook! I found this adorable banner at Target for $5. For now the little egg tree [Target One Spot section] and plastic eggs in the jar will stay. Eventually I will change them out for some inexpensive artificial flowers.

And I couldn't resist this little plant! I found it in the Target One Spot section for $3. She actually loves it. I always find it on a little pink plate she has. ;]

This decor can work for most of the year really, with the exception of the bunnies and obvious things that have the word Spring on them! ;] Hopefully if you needed some simple decorating ideas, I was able to help!

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