Simple Toddler Meal: English Muffin Pizzas!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

English muffin pizzas have been one of my favorites for a looong time. My mom always made them for me and now I love to make them for my little one...when she isn't being THE pickiest child on the planet. ;]

These seriously take just a few minutes to prep and heat up--which is totally something I depend on when my busy toddler is keeping me on my toes! I know this is the third recipe I've posted that has mozzarella and sauce but like, hello, I'm Italian, so I'm automatically drawn to those flavors--and like I have said before, I am no prize in the kitchen so I keep it simple. Whoop!

Here's What You'll Need

* Your favorite canned sauce [you can make your own or use pizza sauce, but I prefer the flavors of the sauce I use for pasta. Top shelf is how I roll]
* Oregano
* Garlic Powder or salt
* English muffins
* Mozzarella cheese
* Any other toppings you or your little one will enjoy. Keep it simple or make 'em fancy!

My daughter is super picky and observant, so I plan to add more toppings soon, but I will do so under the cheese so she won't automatically question what the hell is sitting in front of her! Spinach leaves are a good option!

Here's What You'll Do

Pre-heat your toaster oven or conventional oven to 425 degrees. When I made the ones you see in the photo, I actually used my toaster oven [which is what I normally do, I can make four at one time] and for the first time, I actually set it to broil not bake.. I would suggest a low/med broil. Now, if you decide to do this, you need to be suuuuper careful that you don't burn the living crap out of these things! There's really nothing that needs to 'bake' here just heat up and melt, so I found that broil worked great for getting that golden brown color to the cheese. Totally your preference.

* Start by slicing your English muffins or pulling them apart with a fork if they are already pre-sliced * Spread your sauce on using a spoon
* Add just a couple sprinkles of garlic powder or salt
* Add your cheese and any other toppings your choose
* Sprinkle some oregano on top
* Boom, you're ready for the oven

Just leave the pizzas in until they start to look nice and crisp and golden brown like this. YUM!

If you're feeding a little one, cut into small pieces, pop any pieces that seem too crunchy for them into your mouth, let it cool...and serve! 

Poor Anna had a rough day and wasn't too thrilled about me taking pics of her stuffing her face, but she sure does enjoy her some 'homemade' pizza!

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