Kiddo Board Book Haul

Monday, May 11, 2015

I'm ALWAYS buying board books for Anna. Kind of an addiction. She just loves books SO much. You can never have too many books. We are kind of running out of room, but I'm going to phase out a few that don't have the most amazing content and move those to the car to keep her occupied there. [I typically keep the dollar books finds in the car for her]. I've posted about some of my favorite books for her before. You can find that post here. You can also see how I store the books for her to easily access them here and here.

* The Chicka Chicka books pretty much run every Kindergarten classroom [I know this from teaching], so I would be mortified if my kid went to school without being introduced to these books. These books are a super fun way to teach children the letters of the alphabet and numbers as well. I pretty much hope to be turning Anna into a coconut tree someday for school with letters stuck all over her. GREAT Halloween costume idea, by the way--you're welcome. When I was teaching in Fl, we had a character parade every year around Halloween. The kiddos dressed up like characters from their favorite books and it's just the best thing ever...

* Seuss books are classic. The whimsical illustrations and story lines are sure to catch adults and kiddos alike. Anna is pretty much obsessed with The Ear Book. She brings it up to us at least twice a day to read to her. Danny and I have that whole thing memorized! The Tooth Book is next on my list. These books are great for introducing rhyme, animals, and of course for learning body parts. Really, they are just plain fun! 

* Bill Martin/Eric Carle books have some of my favorite illustrations. We have the hardcover of Brown Bear, and Anna loved it so much that I had to get the board books. Panda Bear has some more interesting animals in it, and then Polar Bear, which we still need to get, has animal sounds. Anna loves to point at all the animals when they are listed at the end of the story and I name all of them. Sometimes she switches so quickly, she seems to have made it a game to see how fast I can name them. These books are really simple and repetitive, so as a child gets older, they can easily predict what is happening in the story and it helps them to feel part of it. 

* Edamame & Edapapa / Stick and Stone are two of those books that you just see in a bookstore and go, "I need that. My kid will understand it when she is older, but I need that now." Edamame & Edapapa is a super cute book about family. Of course it is hilarious because they are beans and their dog is a sesame seed. I feel like as parents we need books like this because they just make us laugh and are fun to read. Stick and Stone is again hilarious of course because we all know the saying, 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hut me.' The unlikely duo teach us all about sticking up for each other and how much friendship rocks in this book. Yes! The illustrations are great, and as a child gets older, this is definitely a great read aloud that will warm their heart!

This is one of the areas for her books. You can see more photos from the links in the opening paragraph...

I like to use board books for random daytime stories, to allow Anna to explore, and for bedtime stories. The board books I use for bedtime are the ones that have a story line, not the ones that are all like: 'ball' 'dog' 'cat.' She doesn't really want to sit there through a super long story at this point, so I find this is when the board books are great. I do have regular books that I read at bed time as well, but Anna doesn't have access to those yet because she will rip them to shreds or wind up with paper cuts galore. I keep those on a higher shelf and keep about a week's worth of books in there so I don't need to get out the step stool and go into the closet to reach the others each night [because I was doing that for a while...whhhyyy?!]

Hope these books are some that you can add to your child's collection :]

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