Magnetic Dry Erase Board Transformation

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I've really been wanting to add a magnetic board to Anna's play nook for a little while now and I just could not find anything that was the right size. Since we are renting an apartment, I do not EVER plan on painting the walls, so a magnetic chalkboard area was out of the question. I just wanted something that seriously did not require much work out of me [at all] and that was going to cost around $30. And TA DA, a less than $25 board:

[You can find the jumbo letter/number 100 piece set here]

I found this awesome magnetic dry erase board at AC Moore. It was $30, but I had a 50% off coupon, so boom--$15! It was super boring with just a black frame, but amazing at the same time because they normally have that awful tacky metal frame...I picked up some multi-colored washi tape at Target for a few bucks and these adorable felt flowers which were on sale at Target for around $5.50ish. I just ran the washi tape around the frame, assembled the felt flowers, used some hot glue to keep each one together and then again to secure them to the corners of the frame.

I love the fun colors! It all goes so well in her play nook and I feel like it is the perfect addition!

There are a couple of options for hanging. If you choose to hand horizontally, then there is already a way to do that, but since I wanted to go vertical, I  added my own hardware and wire to the back. I also put command strips on the inside of the bottom portion of the frame so that it stays put on the wall and doesn't swing left or right as Anna is moving around the magnets. It is definitely secure and perfectly within her reach! We've been having lots of fun with it this week!

Also, I have found that using Scotch Blue tape to secure drawing paper to Anna's table is my new best friend. Doesn't move around, doesn't mess up the table! We just switch out the paper when she fills it up. ;]

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