DIY Mother's Day Frames for Nana & Grandma

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Mom still loves it when I make her things, so I decided to make these really simple, yet thoughtful and adorable frames for my her and Mother-in-Law as a gift from Anna. Anna is still pretty young and doesn't really want to sit through a craft quite yet, so I figured I would go ahead and make these Mod Podge [MP] frames [tutorial here] because they are SO easy, fun, and inexpensive. I picked out the pattern for my Mom and my husband picked out the pattern for his Mom. ;] I love the idea that the photo can be updated each year and that the decor reflects their different personalities. 

I didn't include a tutorial on how to create the frames, because I just posted about it a few days ago. If you click the link in the paragraph above, it will take you to it! I did paint the frames with white craft paint prior to adding the decorative paper. Basically, I just wanted to share an idea of something that you can make for your Mom, or anyone really. It's all about how you decide to personalize it! I printed off the 'Nana & Me' and 'Grandma & Me' on white card stock and then cut with my paper cutter. I used the Martha Stewart punches to make the hearts and secured everything to the frame and sealed it using MP. 

When working with scrapbook paper [which I always have a ton handy], no matter how simple the project, you always want quality tools because it just makes your life easier. I purchased everything here [with the exception of the frames] from AC Moore because it is literally less than a 1/4 of a mile from my apartment and they offer 50% coupons off full price items ALL the time, as well as a discount for military members and their dependents. I LOVE this Fiskars paper cutter because I can fit the large 12 x 12 scrapbook paper in it. The Martha Stewart craft punches are a no brainer, this MP roller rules the world, and these huge packages of scrapbook paper are so great, especially at 50% off! I found these frames at Hobby Lobby. I like the fact that the edges are rounded and the bottom offers a larger amount of space so that I could add my personal touch to the project!

I still need to print out photos, put them in the frames, and mail them off! I think these frames turned out super cute and I sure hope my Mom and Mother-in-Law love them! :]

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