I've Been a Bad Blogger!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ahh! I've been SUCH a bad blogger lately. My bad... my bad. I swear I didn't disappear. I honestly have NOT taken on ANY home projects, other than those for my new Etsy shop! I started out by making decoupage frames, you can find that tutorial here [and it's funny bc I have gotten a 100x better at making them since this tutorial]....and then it evolved into me getting back in touch with my graphic arts-loving side that peaked in high school..and I'm totally trying to get that side of me back because it's a huge passion of mine... and then it evolved into custom picture mats and now I plan on experimenting with gold foil prints so waahh! I've been having a BLAST and that is the important part.

We are moving to a new, larger apartment [AMEN] next month, so I'm excited to share the madness of that and adding some of my prints and touches to our new place. We are also going to Key West in a few weeks so I'm also excited to share some of those beautiful photos and experiences too! :]

Here's some of my favorites so far from my shop. I'm pretty proud of myself for taking the plunge and super stoked I've been making sales too! I really hope my customers are loving their prints and picture mats!

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