Fall Printable!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's [almost] the most wonderful and colorful time of the year here in upstate New York! Woo hoo! With Fall just around the corner, I added a couple $3.00 instant downloads to my shop! Below is one that is sitting on my mantle! I plan to add more seasonal downloads in the upcoming weeks. 

I highly recommend using Epson Premium Matte Presentation Paper if you are printing at home. Paper makes such a HUGE difference in the quality of your prints. Follow the directions on the package because you can only print on ONE side of the paper--the other side that is more of a cream color can literally ruin your printer if printed on. Or another option is, you can totally take the PDF file to Staples or any office supply store that prints for you! It's totally affordable and you know you will get a quality print. :]

You can find what I have so far of the seasonal downloads here.

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