Minimalist and Budget-Friendly Halloween Decor

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I love to decorate just a couple spots around the apartment for each holiday. I don't believe in breaking the bank over holiday decor, because quite honestly, it's only out for a few weeks. I'm kind of obsessed with Target's OneSpot, where you can find all those awesome $1 and $3 goodies. And I also love finding items at the Dollar Tree.

This year I went hardcore at Target [everything you see in this photo is from there with the exception of the electric fireplace--Lowe's, frame--Hobby Lobby, and the glass bottle--Dollar Tree]. The lamp and mirror are staple pieces and the rest of the decor switches out depending on the season. I just pack everything up in a plastic bin or use those awesome plastic zip up bags that comforters and sheets come in, and everything is protected and put away until it's needed. You can find the Hocus Pocus printable in my Etsy shop here.

I'm frigging so in love with my IKEA table and chairs.  It's all we really need right now for the two of us. Anna has her high chair and her little IKEA LATT she sits at to the left of this table. Because the table is pretty small, this sweet little wire pumpkin from the Target OneSpot worked out quite nicely. I HATE having to move a bunch of crap off the table to sit down and eat. I'm just not a believer in a ton of shit on your dining room table. Of course, larger tables need larger centerpieces, but keeping it simple and easy to move is always best in my opinion.

I really want Anna to be excited about holidays, so I use her IKEA kitchen to do the decorating. This kitchen is now in her room, and she loves her ever changing decor! I'm glad the skeleton doesn't scare her at night. ;] Her decor is a mixture of the Target OneSpot and the Dollar Tree. The Heidi Swapp 'A' is a staple. I found that at Target and it's actually one that lights up and you stick the little LED bulbs through and it's battery operated. I didn't feel like doing all that, and I picked it up for $3 anyway, so I just use the cardboard 'A' that it came with and trace it out on scrapbook paper and switch out the paper to match the decor for each holiday or season. The Trick or Treat print is also available for download in my Etsy shop here

I haven't been keeping up with decorating our chalkboard. Oops. But, I did want to share how easy it is to create a simple garland to throw on there to give it some color. This is the same garland used in the the above photo of the play kitchen. I just bought a colored pack of card stock, and punched out the decorative circles with this Martha Stewart punch that you see below. I set my sewing machine to a simple, straight stitch and just passed the paper through one by one, leaving space between each one, and boom--garland. Super easy. Super cheap. And I totally suck at using sewing machines so this says a lot about how simple this is. ;] Hope you enjoy, and can find some super budget-friendly decor for your holiday displays!

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