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This blog is a mixture of things, really... I love sharing my budget-friendly DIY projects, home decor, simple recipes, favorite products, [maybe eventually] some mom style, little tidbits about military life, pretty pictures I take, and fun times with my little munchkin!

On the righthand side of the page, there is a list of tags. So if you're looking specifically to read about or see photos of chalk painted furniture, for example, then click the chalk paint tab and only posts that are related to chalk paint will pop up! You can also use the labels at the top of the page as well. Happy reading, and I hope I can inspire you to dive into some projects for your home!

All opinions are my own and products are only endorsed if they are things I truly like and would buy and/or own. Please do not use any of my photos without my permission. If you would like to share furniture I painted, for example, please make sure you have given me credit by tagging me on instagram, #divinelydiy, or including my blog link. Thank you :]

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